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Off-Trail Bushcraft Ferro Fire Starting Gift Set


The Ferro Fire Starter Kit, is a fun and effective way to start your campfire or BBQ, even if it's a little wet and windy out. We designed this kit to be easy to use for both the experience adventurer and novice alike.

How it's made:
A ferrocerium rod is something almost every Bushcrafter has tucked away in a pocket or pack.
This kit contains what you need to learn about, or add to your fire starting skill set.

We selected an excellent Ferro Rod, (80mm by 8mm) with lanyard hole. Attached via natural cordage is a multi-tool scraper, equipped with a bottle opener, and double sided ruler. We then cut short lengths of natural cordage to use as tinder. (Best when shredded, so it resembles a small bird's nest) As well as homemade Fire Chips, that we dye green. Not forgetting the tiny tin of Sure Flame that we mix ourselves to guarantee a fire when you need it.

The entire kit is stored in a dyed olive green draw string bag, that has a custom screen printed logo, and finally double waxed for water resistance. We dye, print, and wax the bags, in house. (Please see pictures)

How it works:
Take the multi-tool scraper and remove a portion of the protective black coating off the ferro rod.
Once you see the bright shine of the ferrocerium, hold the rod securely in one hand and scrap firmly with the edge of the multi-tool. Hot sparks will shower off the rod onto the tinder of your choosing. Anything similar to cotton wool or dryer lint with ignite instantly.

What you receive:
1 Draw String Bag
1 Ferrocerium Rod (8mm × 80mm)
1 Multi-tool Scraper
3 Natural fibre rope cuttings
1 Tin of Sure Flame
(Cotton wool, saturated in petroleum jelly, fluff it up to expose cotton fibers)
10 Fire Chips.
(Cotton rounds soaked in wax, tear in half to expose cotton fibers)

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