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Bushcraft Irish Fire Starters


Having a small reusable bag of easy light fire starters can make all the difference when getting your camp fire or BBQ off to a good start.

How it's made:
We take paraffin wax, and carefully melt it down in small batches, then add an Irish green dye, to give them that rich colour. Once mixed correctly, we individually dip each cotton pad in the molten wax, after being saturated we leave them out to dry. Finally we remove any excess wax and store the Fire Chips for when needed. Each Fire Chip burns for several minutes depending on the weather conditions, & are approximately 55mm in diameter.

The Fire Chips are stored in a dyed olive green draw string bag, that has a custom screen printed logo, and finally double waxed for water resistance. We dye, print, and wax the bags, in house.

How it works:
Take one Fire Chip, tear it in half, or simply tear it enough to expose the cotton fibers inside, light the cotton with a ferro rod, match, or lighter.

What you receive:
1Draw String bag.
10 Fire Chips.

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