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Off-Trail Bushcraft & Camping Fire Biscuits (3 Pack)


Starting a fire quickly and easily, can make all the difference when enjoying the outdoors, round the Barbecue, and even (hopefully never) in an emergency. These "Fire Biscuits" are one of the best options around. They do not smell, are super simple to use, and they are individually wrapped inside environmentally friendly packaging.

How it's made:
We carefully melt paraffin wax, then slowly add soft wood shavings, and mix the batch by hand in a large stainless steel bowl until it is even. Next we press each biscuit into the round silicon moulds. We leaved them to solidify and cool. Finally we wrap each biscuit and add our sticker of approval.

How it works:
• The easiest method is to simply light the paper packaging and sit back, it'll burn for approximately 30 minutes all by itself. This makes them very useful for bringing a cup of water to the boil. (Please note, your pot will be completely covered in soot.)

• Alternatively you can break it into quarter chunks and use each chunk as a fire starter.
(So each biscuit can help you start 4 fires.)

• Finally if you want to get a Barbecue going quickly, break up 1 biscuit into about 4 or more chunks, and light them in and around your charcoal.
(Like many firelighters, please make sure they are completely burnt off before you place food over the charcoal.)

What you receive:
3 individually wrapped Fire Biscuits.
(Each biscuit is 2cm × 10cm in diameter)

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• These are handmade items and are available in limited quantities.

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