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Off-Trail Bushcraft Traditional Fire Gift Set


The Bushcraft Traditional Fire Starter Kit, is definitely a luxury item with some of the best quality steel and leather around. The "Flint and Steel" technique itself is one of the oldest, and most rewarding ways of fire starting.

How it's made:
We selected the best of materials for this kit.
With a soft leather draw string multi-purpose pouch. The round leather button can be pulled all the way out so the pouch can fold flat and be used as a mat, for tinder processing, or even as a fire resistant surface, when using your flint and steel.

Within the pouch are two types of tinder, a thick natural cordage (Best when shredded by hand, into what looks like a small bird's nest), and a highly flammable type of fat wood. (Best when split into splinters, or scrapped into fine shavings) Not forgetting the tiny tin of char cloth that we cook ourselves. This cloth catches a spark from the steel, and can not be blown out.

Then comes the steel striker, being made of carbon steel when it scrapes along the hard sharp edge of the flint, it showers sparks. These steels when cared for will last a lifetime. All of this fits neatly in the leather pouch with plenty of space for additional items or tinders you may wish to add yourself. (Please see pictures)

How it works:
There are several methods to effectively use a flint and steel fire starter. This is one of our favourites, as it's relatively straightforward. Make a bird's nest from natural cordage and put it to one side.Take the flint stone and place a shred of char cloth on top of the stone, close to the sharp edge. Hold the steel in your dominant hand, and and pinch the cloth and stone together in your other hand. Smoothly strike the sharp edge of the stone. (It'll take practice, but it's worth it) A spark should fall onto the char cloth, and start to glow into a little ember. Finally add the cloth to a premade bird's nest and carefully blow it into flames. You made fire!

What you receive:
1 Soft leather draw string bag
1 Chunk of flint
1 High quality steel striker
2 cuttings of thick natural fibre rope
3 Pieces of fat wood

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