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Off-Trail Bushcraft & Camping Natural Fire Tinder Stick


Fat wood is one of the most reliable and enjoyable ways to get your fire started, and it's 100% natural.

How it's made:
When a resin rich tree dies such as Spruce or Pine, in time the sap builds up in the lower branches and stump. This wood is often referred to as "Fat Wood" because it becomes much harder and far more flammable than it was before the tree died. We carefully harvest small amounts of the this resin rich wood, in the local area. Then we hand carved it to a manageable size and add a lanyard hole. Finally we twist by hand a small length of jute twine into a lanyard. This can be use for hanging the fat wood off your pack or be cut and shredded into additional tinder.

The fat wood stick is stored in a dyed olive green draw string bag, that has a custom screen printed logo, and finally double waxed for water resistance. We dye, print, and wax the bags, in house.

How it works:
By shaving a little pile of fat wood off the stick, it acts as a natural and dependable fire starter which can be ignited with a match, ferro rod, or lighter. Alternatively you can make long thin splinters of fat wood and ignite them with a match or lighter.

What you receive:
1 Draw string bag
1 Stick of Fat Wood. (Approximately 11cm long)

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