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The Bushcraft Knife Gift Set


A sturdy knife is a true companion to any outdoor enthusiast. This one we source is no exception. With beautiful walnut wood handle scales and a rustic forged blade after historical models from the late Middle Ages.

The knife:
This expressive knife is a practical and shapely utility tool for a wide variety of bushcraft tasks. It is housed in a solid leather sheath in a traditional shape. The blade is made of carbon steel with 56 HRC Rockwell and has a hollow grind, which gives the knife a comfortable weight despite the wide blade and at the same time provides a high sharpness.

The Grill Spike:
The spike is forged by hand according to historical models from the Middle Ages, provided with a beautiful twisting, which makes it particularly easy to grip, and adds a useful eyelet if you wish to attach a lanyard. The sharp point of the spike is designed as a sort of outdoor kitchen utensil to secure food in place as you prepare your next meal. However it has many other uses for bushcraft. These include, a leather or wood awl, a lantern hanger, a tinder support, a roasting stick, a toggle, and many other applications where a strong stout stick would come in handy.

Knife length 23 cm
Blade length approx. 12 cm
Blade width approx. 2.8 cm
Blade back approx. 3 mm
The Grill spike dimensions are 16 cm x 1.5 cm

What you receive:
1 Bushcraft knife.
1 Grill spike.
1 Genuine Leather sheath.

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