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Bushcraft Soft Shackle Gift Set


Whether you're an ultralight backpacker or an old school camper, all of us need to organise our camping gear and equipment. With this in mind we are making these multi functional bushcraft soft shackles, to help keep items stowed away and tidy.

How it's made:
We take two types of utility cord, and first tie a Diamond knot in order to make a decorative fixed loop approximately 20 cm long when laid flat. Next we tie and secure a Celtic knot to act as a sliding bead that runs along the loop. Finally thread the Diamond knot through the loop, then fix it in place with Celtic knot, and we have a soft shackle. (Please see pictures.)
The 2 soft shackles are then stored in a dyed olive green draw string bag, that has a custom screen printed logo, and finally double waxed for water resistance. We dye, print, and wax the bags, in house.

How it works:
A soft shackle has a few advantages over it's metal or plastic counterparts, in the fact that it is very lightweight, flexible, and is extremely unlikely to damage other equipment as it made from cordage. Also it does not rattle or clank, like a carabiner.

Soft shackles are very multifunctional:
• Securing additional items to your pack.
• Hanging equipment around camp.
• Connecting fixed loops of cord together.
• Molle Compatible.

What you receive:
2 Handmade soft shackles.
1 Draw string bag.

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• These shackles are available in limited quantities.
• Our soft shackles are not suitable for climbing.