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Beaver Craft Celtic Spoon Carving Kit - Complete Kit - DIY04


The choice of gifts is an eternal problem. You always want to pick up something beautiful, original, and at an affordable price. A hand-crafted gift can be your perfect solution. It always looks interesting, beautiful, and original. Such a gift will please even the most demanding recipient, especially if this gift is a Love Spoon carved out of wood. Such traditional Celtic carving is a symbol of love, appreciation, and devotion. It is always unique and inimitable.

Whether you are into crafts or just looking for a beneficial hobby, our BeaverCraft DIY04 Celtic Spoon Carving Kit will definitely impress you. With this art craft kit, you can learn new types of creativity, practice and hone your wood carving skills, or make a unique gift with your own hands according to our instructions.

Our complete starter whittling kit for beginners has all the wood carving essentials to meet all your needs: various carving knives and tools, wood blanks, and a detailed carving guide.
The BeaverCraft DIY04 Spoon Carving Set is a wonderful gift for your family, colleagues, friends, or classmates. It is the perfect DIY kit as it includes everything you need to carve a Lovespoon in one compact box.

What does our whittling kit include?

Razor Sharp Wood Carving Knife + Spoon Carving Knife
Basswood Spoon Blank - Leather Strop + Polishing Compound
Safety Tape
Step-by-step Booklet
Video Guide (online)

Note: You must be over 18 to purchase this item.