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Comfort Bird Carving Kit - Complete Starter Whittling Kit - DIY01


Get started in wood carving!

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at wood carving, to make something beautiful and unique with your own hands? How can you get started?

Whether you're a wood carving enthusiast or want to try out a new hobby, this BeaverCraft DIY01 Comfort Bird Carving Kit is your best bet. Everything you need for a the project is included in the kit. What could be more fun than doing a creative whittling project and enjoying the work of your own hands? Wood carving is a great family activity that all can enjoy together.

The BeaverCraft DIY01 Complete Starter Whittling Kit has everything you need to start carving right away. Here you will find two wooden blocks (cherry and basswood), a whittling knife with a perfectly sharp blade, a Comfort Bird template, sharpening essentials (leather strop and polishing compound), safety tape, and three types of sandpaper. In addition to these accessories, there is a step-by-step video tutorial available and an easy-to-follow guide on bird carving. Everything is presented thoughtfully so that a wood carving enthusiast of any age (child or adult) can get the most out of carving a bird figurine out of wood.

This kit is primarily designed for beginners
Suitable also for children
Includes all the tools needed + tutorial
The perfect gift for someone who is new to woodcarving
Weight – 0.5 kg

Note: You must be over 18 to purchase this item.