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Bushcraft Toggle Rope Gift Set


The Toggle Rope Tensioning System is a simple and effective way of securing loads together. Whether out camping, hiking, practicing bushcraft, or just enjoying time outside, these little guys come in handy.

Uses include:
• Mounting items to a backpack.
• Gathering fire wood
• Tarp and tent guy lines
• Securing camp accessories
• Clothes line
• Organising clothing
• And anything else you can think of...

How it's made:
Each toggle is hand carved by locally sourced wood in Galway. After BTP Camo cordage is threaded through the toggle, then a perfection loop and an overhand knot are tied to the opposite ends of the cord. All the toggle ropes are then stored in a dyed olive green draw string bag, that has a custom screen printed logo, and finally double waxed for water resistance. We dye, print, and wax the bags, in house.

How it works:
Simply take your load or sticks, clothes, sleeping bag, anything that needs to be held together and wrap the toggle rope around the bundle. Then take the loop, and "button" the toggle through the loop, and pull back the overhand knot untill the cord is tight. (See photos) To release, "unbutton" the toggle from the loop.

What you receive:
1 Waxed draw string bag.
4 Toggle Ropes. (Each approximately 1.5 meters long)

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