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Spoon Knives Dual-Sided Paddle Strop - LS5P1


Keep your hook/spoon knives carving sharp!

A leather strop is essential for the care of spoon gouges, spoon and hook knives and other tools. Using this unique tool can help to keep your tools sharp and your spoon carving a pleasure.

The BeaverCraft LS5 Leather Paddle Strop can handle various tasks. This custom-designed paddle is made for sharpening, polishing, honing, and finishing your spoon carving tools with ease. The blade of your knife will fit perfectly. The strop hones your blade without damaging the metal. The quality leather used for manufacturing this paddle strop will last for years.

To use this wood carving accessory, you do not need many years of training in sharpening techniques – everything is simple and convenient.

Much thought has gone into the design of this BeaverCraft LS5 Leather Paddle Strop. It takes into account all the needs of a woodcarver for professional tool care. This sharpening system is made from two top-quality materials – leather and sandpaper – to achieve the desired effect. If you want to polish your hook knife or rounded chisel – use the smooth leather side, and if you need easy sharpening – the side with replaceable sandpaper will be an excellent solution.

• Unique Stropping Solution for Hook Knives & Gouges
• Easy to Use – Tutorial Included
• One Side is Leather, One is Sandpaper
• Green-gray Compound & Two Sheets of Spare Sandpaper Included
• Weight - 0.4 kg