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Leather Sheath for Carving Sloyd Knife - SH1


A great knife sheath from BeaverCraft is made of genuine brown leather, which is natural and quite durable. The sheath fits perfectly regular straight/sloyd/fixed blade knives, but please kindly note that it is made not for a spoon knife / hook knife. Comfortable in transit, all you need is just to put your knife in our leather case knife and go anywhere you want for woodcarving. For a fair price you a get knife sheath leather that will last for years. You must admit this is pretty important nowadays.

Our carving knife sheath fits perfectly any blade with the 3.5 in radius. Please check the dimensions of your knife blade to be sure that our knife sheath pouch will fit your knife. The blade length should be no longer than 3.5 inches. As for the handle size, the following dimensions work 1.2 in X 0.7 in. BeaverCraft knife sheath brown fits not only wood carving tools but other knives too, just make sure to check the dimensions before you buy. Stay safe and secure with the handmade knife sheath designed by BeaverCraft.

Any knife with leather sheath can ignite in you a feeling of being 10 times more stylish and professional. It’s a practical and safe way to improve your impressions and the general feeling of carving, not even mentioning the reasonable and responsible approach that you demonstrate by covering your knives’ blades with a leather sheath. Make a promise to yourself that those carving tools will live a long life, protected from outside damaging factors and safely hidden to prevent injuries.

Diameter – 30 mm. (1.18 inches)
Depth – 90 mm. (1.57 inch)
Material – cowhide leather
Colour – Brown